Mo Williams (Twitter account)
While Marvin Williams peacefully dreamed of Utah Jazz wins, his mischievous teammate, Mo Williams, made him the latest photo-shoot prank victim. Mo posted this signature with the photo: "Marvelous Marv #gottem."

NEW ORLEANS — Mo Williams' new Utah Jazz teammates quickly learned something about the 10-year NBA veteran.

He likes to catch them snoozing on the team plane.

Not only that, but he likes to post what could be considered inaction pictures of them sleeping on the jaunt onto Twitter (@mowilliams).

Sweet dreams ... snap!

Marvin Williams didn't even know he'd been caught on camera catching some Zs between Utah and Louisiana on Thursday until before Friday's game.

Marvin chuckled and groaned when he saw the picture Mo tweeted out Thursday.

"I was knocked out," he admitted.

Mo flashed a mischievous grin when asked about his latest photo-shoot prank participant.

"Got em. Hashtag #gottem," he said, referring to the signature calling-card phrase that accompanies his tweeted pics.

Gordon Hayward and Alec Burks both thought it was humorous since they'd already been “#gottem” victims.

"I've gotta stay on my toes," Marvin said. "Guess he got me once, so it doesn't matter now."

Any similar revenge attempts on planes might be futile.

Mo takes pride in the fact he doesn't sleep during flights.