SALT LAKE CITY — A Utah man with an apparent rebellious streak found himself in trouble with federal authorities after allegedly trying to sneak a pocket knife onto an airplane Thursday at the Salt Lake City International Airport.

Arthur Karl Schwedler, 56, of Erda, tried to board a U.S. Air flight from Salt Lake City to Charlotte, N.C., carrying an acrylic folding knife with a 3-inch blade in his pants pocket, according to a complaint filed in U.S District Court.

When officers asked him about the knife, he said, "I have two of these knives. I bought this one for the explicit purpose of trying to get it through to the airplane," the complaint says.

Schwedler replied yes after officers asked him if he carried the knife to test the Transportation Security Administration screening process.

"I have many reasons for doing this, one of which is to be rebellious and anti-authority," he told officers, according to the complaint.

Schwedler faces one count of possession of a dangerous weapon while trying to board an aircraft. The maximum penalty is up to 10 years in prison.  Schwedler will remain in custody pending a detention hearing Monday.

Dennis Romboy, Twitter: dennisromboy