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Aaron Evans
"Christmas Oranges" will be showing in Megaplex theaters across the state from Nov. 2-8.

A new Covenant production, "Christmas Oranges," based on the popular holiday tale, is now showing in theaters across the state. This touching and wholesome film will run for one week, now through Thursday, Nov. 8, at the Megaplex theaters in St. George, Cedar City, Logan, Ogden, Lehi, Sandy, South Jordan and Centerville.

"Christmas Oranges" is a family friendly movie that will be sure to put viewers in the Christmas spirit. Produced in Utah, the film is filled with young faces new to the big screen. But it is the wit and charm of those newcomers that make the show complete.

The story begins at Greenwoods Orphanage in the early 20th century. Mrs. Hartley (Nancy Stafford) runs the orphanage on her own but is able to create a loving home for many orphans, including Rose (Bailee Johnson).

When tragedy strikes, Rose is forced to leave her loved ones behind and move to a new orphanage, Irongates, where her life is much different from the easygoing one she knew before. Irongates is run by stern headmaster Mr. Crampton (Edward Herrmann), who is feared by the children because of his many rules and strict punishments.

Although Rose makes a new friend, life at Irongates seems too difficult to bear — that is, until she learns of the Christmas surprise. Each year on Christmas Eve, Mr. Crampton's kind brother visits the orphanage to bring oranges for each child. Rose's eagerness for Christmas day grows as the holiday nears.

But things seem too good to be true as Rose is about to receive her very own orange. It's not long before devastation comes once more and Christmas seems to be ruined for everyone. It will take a group effort and forgiving hearts in order to bring happiness back to Irongates.

This simple tale is fun and engaging, well-acted and heartwarming for any age. "Christmas Oranges" could rival any Hallmark production this season.

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