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Monty Brinton, CBS Broadcasting Inc.
Carter Williams, Jonathan Penner and Jeff Kent during the seventh episode of "Survivor: Philippines," Wednesday, Oct. 31.

Former MLB player Jeff Kent found himself as the swing vote among the alliances of the newly merged tribes on Wednesday’s episode of “Survivor: Philippines.”

The members of the two tribes — Tandang and Kalabaw — were taken to a new island at the very beginning of the episode.

There were seven on the Tandang Tribe as it hadn’t been to Tribal Council — a first in the 25 seasons of “Survivor” — and Kalabaw had four, including 44-year-old Kent.

Within the Tandang Tribe, members wanted to vote out 27-year-old Roberta “R.C.” Saint-Amour and a returning player, 50-year-old Michael Skupin. The Kalabaw Tribe has been looking to vote returning player, 50-year-old Jonathan Penner, out.

Saint-Amour and Skupin were looking to align themselves with the four from Kalabaw, including Kent, Penner, 24-year-old Carter Williams and 41-year-old Denise Stapley, and target 25-year-old Pete Yorkowski. But Stapley had an alliance with 25-year-old Malcolm Freberg from when they were both on the Matsing Tribe.

“Right now I’m at a crossroads. I’m either going with the veteran players, that I don’t want to see win this game and try to ride them out. Or I’m going to go with the Tandang Tribe and get Penner out of here, but then I’m on the bottom,” said Kent, who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Austin Texas Oak Hills Stake. “With all humbleness, I say that the decision on who goes home tonight is going to be heavily based on which way I go and who I carry over to the other side."

Kent told the group he was a rancher from Texas and sold motorcycles, still keeping his Major League Baseball playing days a secret.

The Immunity Challenge included holding up a bucket attached to a pulley and a rope. The bucket weighed 25 percent of each castaway's body weight.

Kent was one of the last two men holding up their buckets. He and Williams held up their buckets for 25 minutes. Kent, however, dropped his bucket and Williams had individual immunity. Stapley won individual immunity among the women — the first time she's had immunity the entire game.

The plan from the majority of the former Tandang Tribe members was to split the vote between Saint-Amour and Penner, while Penner was planning to vote for Yorkowski.

“You and I hold a pretty big key,” Kent said to Williams while they were discussing what to do. “If we jump and go to the yellow (Tandang) tribe, you and I may just be on the bottom.”

Kent and Williams were recruited by those from all alliances as they essentially had the swing votes for either group.

“I just need to be sure I protect myself. Whatever move I make, it’s not going to sit well with either tribe,” Kent said.

Most of the votes were for Penner, but he played the hidden immunity idol and they didn’t count. Saint-Amour and Yorkowski both had votes, but Saint-Amour had more. She is the first member of the jury, which will ultimately decide who receives the $1 million prize.

Kent and Williams both voted for Saint-Amour.

“Survivor Phillipines” airs Wednesday on CBS.

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