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Carlos Pozo
Arturo "R2" Pozo was born in his parents' car on the side of I-15 in Orem on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012. The boy's father, Carlos Pozo, delivered the baby in the car, with help from a police dispatcher.

OREM — By the time Carlos Pozo pulled his car over, he was within sight of the Pleasant Grove exit and mere miles from the hospital in American Fork.

Pozo told the police dispatcher on the phone that he was going to try to make it to the hospital, but as the painful cries of his wife grew louder, he anxiously stopped the car and began preparing for the delivery of his son.

With the help of dispatcher Julie Benson and EMTs from Orem, Arturo "R2" Pozo was born Saturday in a silver Dodge Caravan on the side of I-15 in Orem. He weighed 9 pounds, Pozo said.

"I was just running through scenarios in my head, trying not to faint or crash the car," Pozo said Thursday. "When the baby's head was coming out, the Orem EMTs arrived, and then they took over. I was relieved."

In the recording of Pozo's 911 call, released Thursday by the Utah Highway Patrol, Benson can be heard calmly giving Pozo instructions on how to support the baby's head and shoulders as he is being born. She instructs Pozo to find a dry towel to wrap the baby in and a shoelace to tie off the umbilical cord.

She also reminds Pozo several times that the baby will be slippery and to take care not to drop him after he's born. Pozo can be heard encouraging his wife, and at the end of the recording, as EMTs are discussing cutting the umbilical cord, the baby is heard letting out a healthy cry.

Pozo said both his wife and Arturo, the couple's third child, are doing well. Before settling on their son's name, Pozo said they considered calling him Miles because of how close he came to being born in a hospital.

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