ESPN columnist Rick Reilly has written about the good deeds of an Arizona high school football team.

Our take: The kind efforts of a Mormon high school quarterback and his teammates that have been drawing media attention, detailed here at, have now been written about by one of the most prominent sportswriters in the country, ESPN's Rick Reilly. This column highlights how the high school football team members helped a special needs student who was being bullied.

How about a little good news?

In the scrub-brush desert town of Queen Creek, Ariz., high school bullies were throwing trash at sophomore Chy Johnson. Calling her "stupid." Pushing her in the halls.

Chy's brain works at only a third-grade level because of a genetic birth defect, but she knew enough to feel hate.

"She'd come home every night at the start of the school year crying and upset," says her mom, Liz Johnson. "That permanent smile she had, that gleam in her eye, that was all gone."

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