"Fix-It Felix, Jr." (Jack McBrayer) and the Nicelanders in the video game world of "Fix-It Felix, Jr."

Violence: This is a movie about video games, and there are some games that involve shooting and zombies. Futuristic, military-style characters are shooting alien insects. One person is eaten by a bug. Ralph does get mad and pounds on things, but not really on people.

Gore: A zombie does have his heart pulled from his chest, but it is played for comedic effect. Nothing is extremely graphic. Some bug guts are shown when they are shot.

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Language: There is some potty humor, but nothing a little kid wouldn’t use. There is no profanity in this film.

This is a great family movie that has a good message. Disney has made a short that runs in front of this film that is very nice — so don’t be late. There are characters making drinks in the film, though nothing is said about what is in the drink. There is a game that is set in an old bar, but everyone there is drinking root beer. Age 6 and up is a good age range for this film unless you feel your younger child can handle the gore of the bugs.

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