Screenshot of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir YouTube Channel
Check out the new Mormon Tabernacle Choir YouTube Channel.

Tabernacle Choir: Tuesday morning, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir officials announced the choir's new YouTube channel where it will be featuring musical recordings, music videos, episodes of "Music and the Spoken Word" and much more. Larry Richman of LDS Media Talk explains more about the type of videos that will be posted: “Currently, there are 30 music videos on the YouTube channel with more to come in the future, (including) playlists and popular past performances such as the Pioneer Concert with Katherine Jenkins. 'Music and the Spoken Word' is also on the YouTube channel. ... Plus, (the channel includes) musical highlights, inspirational messages, general conference music, concerts and promotional videos.” Brigham Young University student Kufre Ekpenyong, who attended the announcement, said, “I think it’s great news that we have this channel on YouTube. The youth are on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, and so it’s great that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will get more of a presence there.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Mummy pops: I could not pass up these delightful — um, er, scary — “Halloween Mummy Cake Pops” that look quite easy as well as delicious. And don’t forget frightening. Try it for your Halloween festivities today.

Sour stomachs: “Don't Let Halloween Sour: My plan to help you avoid the tummy aches of Halloween” is a nice, and probably timely, blog post that advises some prevention tips so that your children can avoid eating their weight in candy (seriously, that’s what this blogger remembers doing). Click in to read all about it. And have a happy and safe Halloween!

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