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Here's a costume of a different kind this Halloween season.

Costumes, crafts and candy. Halloween is just around the corner, so I spooked out some of the best and most creative blog posts celebrating tricks and treats.

Costumes and celebrations

Once again, bloggers take on the myth of “do Mormons celebrate Halloween?” explaining that yes, most Mormons do celebrate Halloween: “We receive numerous emails about Halloween in the month of October. What started out as a pagan ritual in the centuries long before the birth of Jesus Christ has now, in the United States, become mostly a festive holiday that, through the lights, colorful costumes and fun food, brightens up the darkening days of autumn. Whether or not one celebrates Halloween is a personal preference and there is no official LDS doctrine in regards to it. Most Mormons I know think of Halloween as a fun time for children with rituals and customs that bring warmth to days that are becoming colder.”

Now I just can’t decide what I think about this “Halloween cover art, 1953” from The Children’s Friend. What do you think?

Finally let’s see how this Polish branch used a very special costume to teach the importance of “putting on the whole armor of God.” Look at that sword of love!

Creative crafts and treats

I had to begin with this blog-full of “14 easy Halloween ideas” that includes pumpkin pop bottles, printables like “Go Ahead and Smell My Feet” and darling décor ideas. Click in to find something fun to whip together for the holiday.

Speaking of whipping together, look at these delightful and delicious-looking “Frankenstein Pudding Cups.” With just a few ingredients and a magic maker, you can bring this yummy monster to life.

Plus at the same blog, check out these “Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats” for a new take on an old favorite. These even have a secret surprise inside.

And this autumnal drink may be just the ticket to wash down all those Halloween goodies: Spiced Cider. Click in to see how to make it and prepare for a seasonal smelling house when it’s finished.

Here’s another list of “DIY Halloween Crafts for Fun” that includes a wiggle worm recipe that I think I might have to try this year. Awesome.

Finally, if you don’t yet have a Halloween bag for your little trick-or-treater, check out this dancing goblin craft bag here.

Now let’s find other posts from the past week still haunting the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: What is truly frightening is not being prepared for disaster, and this blogger shares some important “Hurricane Sandy preparations” from FEMA:

“Get some extra cash out at the ATM today. If the power goes out, banks/ATMs may be offline for some time. Make a plan for how you’ll keep your cell phone charged if you lose power for several days. Picking up a solar or hand-crank charger for your phone is a good idea. High winds are expected across a wide area. Protect your home/business — cover windows, clean gutters, trim trees. Get to the store today for emergency supplies — water, nonperishable food, batteries, flashlight, etc.” And of course, prayers for all those being affected by this cleverly dubbed “Frankenstorm.”

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Techie tip: Wanting some tips for “how to take spooky Halloween pumpkin photos?” Yes, there is a blog post for that. This blogger shares “5 Quick tips for taking spooky Halloween Pumpkin Photos,” incluing “1. Turn out the lights and turn off your flash. That spooky glow from your lit pumpkin just won't look the same in the daylight or when washed out by your camera's flash.” And “5. Have fun with those pumpkin photos. My kids loved taking photos with their lit pumpkins this year! It involved playing a little game we like to call "freeze." They had to "freeze" and remain perfectly still throughout the photo in order for it not to turn out blurry. There could be no blinking, no itching noses, no giggling … they enjoyed the challenge and I loved the resulting photos!” Click in to check out the rest.

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