The Mormon Soprano
One blogger finds her wedding photo to be popular on the Internet.

Bible Video: “I am the light of the world” and “the truth shall set you free” are two oft-quoted scriptures featured in this newest Bible video wherein Jesus powerfully declares his lineage. Click in to watch, then click a few more times to share with your family and friends.

Wedding photo: My Mormon Wedding Went Viral, and I Think the Pope Attended.” How’s that for an intriguing blog title. I’ll let her tell most of the story, but just to give you a tease, this blogger found her wedding photo being used on a Spanish blog and then “With a little more digging and browsing around, I found out this photo has been ‘liked’ and/or ‘shared’ hundreds of times across a very wide spectrum of global Facebook pages (primarily in Spanish, at this point). One can only guess how many other versions are floating around the world. ?!” How does the Pope figure in, click in to find out.

Halloween FHE: I thought this idea for going over some “Halloween Safety” rules and reminders during family home evening would be a great way to prepare for the holiday. And maybe you could incorporate this blogger’s "Friend"tip about “Handling Fears Effectively.” Check back Tuesday for an entire column devoted to Halloween crafts, costumes, and foods.

Bible Video: 'I am the Light of the World'

In this Bible Video, Jesus declares that he is the Son of God, and that whoever will embrace his gospel can be freed from sin. See for others from this series.

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