CORINNE, Box Elder County — A man was shot and killed Friday night after trying to run over a sheriff's deputy.

A Box Elder County sheriff's deputy stopped on state Route 13 just west of Brigham City about 8 p.m. when he saw a man urinating on the side of the road, Sheriff Lynn Yeates said.

The man gave the deputy a name, but when the deputy went back to his vehicle to check the name, the suspect took off in his vehicle.

"(The deputy) followed him, trying to get him to stop for multiple streets in Corinne," Yeates said. "He attempted to run over the officer's vehicle or strike the officer's vehicle twice."

The chase ended on a dead-end street, where the deputy attempted to speak to the man.

"The officer got out of the car to go talk to him, and the person punched the accelerator, tried to run over the officer and the officer shot him," Yeates said.

The sheriff's deputy was not injured during the encounter and was alone at the time of the incident.

Officers were working to determine the man's identity Friday night. The name he provided to the deputy was false.

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