Attending and inviting others to the Calgary Alberta Temple open house.

Temple invites: Who is one of the most famous Canadians to tweens? Justin Bieber. What does he have to do with the Calgary Temple? You’ll have to watch this delightful video “Calgary Temple Invites” to find out. One family decides to try different ways of inviting their family and friends, with hilarious results. And yet it results in a darling video that showcases what they find important about the temple. Some of my favorite parts include the smug nodding after running down (literally) and inviting a neighbor, the licking of the envelope addressed to the pop star, the Facebook photos and the sweet ending. I was smiling throughout. Click in to view.

Temple celebration: Get a sneak peek of the “Calgary Youth LDS Temple Celebration” with this video as they rehearse singing “We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet.” And if this is any indication, it’s going to be incredible.

Temple tour: I wanted to feature one of the blogs (of many) that described attending the "Calgary Alberta LDS Temple” open house. And while the prose was lovely in this post, the photos blew me away with their beauty. Here’s a taste: “On Monday we took the kids out of school to spend a special day as a family at the newly completed Calgary Temple. We travelled 3 hours north to Calgary, Alberta, to tour this beautiful building and it was such a sweet experience for all of us. The kids had been anticipating the trip for a few weeks and seeing their excitement made my heart happy.” Click in to see more and marvel at the pictures of this grand Calgary building.

Temple construction: Finally, if you want to look back on the entire construction of the temple, click into this neat “Calgary, Alberta Temple Construction” blog where it begins with the groundbreaking ceremony two years ago and ends as the glorious edifice to be dedicated this weekend. Wonderful!

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