SALT LAKE CITY — Utah was named a recipient of the Partners in Conservation Award by the U.S. Department of the Interior for the state's work with other entities participating in the Colorado River Supply and Demand Basin Study.

Other partners also were named award recipients in recognition of the work being undertaken to safeguard the future of the West's most critical river.

The Colorado River Basin Study is the most comprehensive effort to date to quantify and address future supply and demand imbalances in the Colorado River Basin.

The study evaluates the reliability of the water dependent resources and outlines potential ways to meet or reduce imbalances that are within the laws governing the river.

A number of interim reports already have been released, and the final report is scheduled to be published by the end of November.

Dennis Strong, director of the Utah Division of Water Resources, accepted the award on behalf of the state, noting that the study will be a document that provides foundation and guidance in the management of the Colorado River in years to come.

"Utah and the other basin states, Native Americans, the federal government and many other stakeholders continue to work together," Strong said. "The path forward is still often in the fog. We need to know more about how climate will impact the flow of the river, how our conservation efforts will help fill in the gaps in our future water needs and what role Utah will play in energy development."

Amy Joi O'Donoghue

Twitter: amyjoi16