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From left, Victoria Justice as Wren, Osric Chau as Peng, Thomas Mann as Roosevelt and Patrick de Ledebur as Mike Puglio in "Fun Size."

Halloween: This movie centers on the Halloween holiday and all that goes with it, including pranks. There is a group of pre-teen ninjas seeking revenge on people by toilet-papering them. Also, the famous bag of dog feces trick is demonstrated, although fireworks are added. Sexy costumes are also used in the film. Also, a man strips in front of police and runs away to help his friends. No actual nudity is shown.

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Smoking/drinking: There is some drinking taking place, though no underage drinking is shown. One character does smoke in the film.

Language: There are a few instances of inappropriate language in the film. Some language in the film is also suggestive.

This film has a simple plot and is easy to follow. There are some touching moments along the way and the characters do realize they have a good life. Although this film is rated PG-13, it is better suited for a 15-plus audience due to some of the suggestive and crude material in the story.

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