Melissa Draper
Avocado witch's fingers are a creative and healthy Halloween food.

October and Halloween not only mark the beginning of the holiday season, but also the beginning of what I like to call the end of year sugar dump. It seems everywhere you go there are sugary snacks or treats. While I’m all for letting my children have the occasional sweet splurge, I also like to keep things healthy in a fun and creative way.

Several years ago, when my oldest was 3, I decided that on Halloween night I would make a creative and healthy dinner for my family. I thought it was a perfect idea to fill my family up with good food before going trick-or-treating and gorging on candy.

Some of the ideas I used for that meal I found on the Internet or in magazines, but most I made up. It included mummy pizzas, spooky smiles with apples and cheese, and the avocado witch’s fingers recipe (see below).

If you want to plan your own healthy and spooky feast for your family, many recipes take only a quick Google or Pinterest search. I suggest sticking with finger foods and simple ideas with just a few key ingredients. You won’t want to spend your entire holiday night in the kitchen, and finger foods are another way to make it fun for your children.

Alternatively, quick labels for a dinner or food you already plan to serve your family can give ordnary foods a holiday feel. For example, if spaghetti is on the menu, write up a label for the noodles that say Monster’s Brains and the sauce can be Dracula’s Blood. Olives or grapes can be Eyeballs, breadsticks can be Skeleton Fingers, and any drink you choose can be labeled Witch’s Brew. Silly words or titles can turn a normal family dinner into something fun and exciting.

That first meal I made for my family has now turned into a yearly tradition, and all it takes is a little planning and creativity.


2 or 3 avocados


Peel and cut avocadoes in half. Cut each half into several slices. Cut a triangle point at the end of each slice so it resembles a finger. Dip the finger end of the avocado slices in ketchup. Serve immediately.

Melissa Draper lives in Payson, with her husband and their three children. Her passions include being a wife and mother, writing, running and music.