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Small-town band Chasing Chance is hoping to make it to the big time with the band's "good feeling" music.

OREM — Small-town band Chasing Chance is hoping to make it to the big time with its "good feeling" music. The band will perform along with the All-American Rejects, Boys Like Girls and Parachute on Tuesday, Oct. 23, at Utah Valley University.

Members of the band grew up together in Delta, Utah. They each were into music and played in different bands throughout high school. After serving missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they came together and formed a band of their own in September 2011. They reside in Orem, where they all attend UVU.

"One night we were teasing Chance (Young), the lead singer of our band," said Nick Dutson, the band's bass player. "We were joking about girls liking and chasing him. I jokingly said, 'What about Chasing Chance'? We soon realized that Chasing Chance might actually be the perfect name. Even though at the time we were teasing Chance, our band's message is to 'chase your dreams,' so the name fits along with what our band is all about."

As active members of the LDS Church, the Chasing Chance musicians want their music to reflect the standards they hold.

"The music played on the radio nowadays is so filthy and filled with inappropriate lyrics," Dutson said. "We want our songs to have the same vibe as other popular songs out there, but our songs will always have lyrics that are clean and send an uplifting message. Our music in a way sends positive messages like the church does without mentioning anything church-related."

Young, who is also the band's songwriter, said he has been writing songs ever since he was a little boy.

"I use to create tunes about my brothers while I was growing up. I get ideas to write songs through the everyday things that happen," he said. "Ideas will pop into my mind that are either fun, funny or something I am passionate about. I am always thinking about song ideas to write about."

Along with fitting band practice into their schedule, Dutson said the biggest challenge band members face is finding the time to do all they need to do.

"We are all worthy LDS members, so while we strive to fulfill our church callings and go to school, we also all have jobs," he said. "We are all single as well, so we try to go on dates when possible. Finding the time to focus on our band is definitely an issue."

The members of Chasing Chance plan on dedicating themselves to their band once they graduate from UVU. Their goal is to make it to the big time.

"We are passionate about our music and if we are able to get to the point where we get paid well for doing something we love, that would be amazing," Dutson said. "We all enjoy performing and being with the crowds that come and watch us. Eventually want to sell out an entire arena."

For more information on Chasing Chance, visit facebook.com/chasingchancerock

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