Michael Brandy, Deseret News
Despite popular belief, extreme couponing can be an inconvenience that actually wastes money.

Personal finance writer and former extreme couponer Christy Rakoczy lists six reasons why she permanently gave up the habit, according to Money Crashers.

1. Free things usually aren’t worth it. Often, you have to buy a ton of items in order to take advantage of “money-off” coupons – items you most likely won’t use, such as diabetes monitors, toothpaste or cold medicine.

2. The same things go on sale. To save the most money, couponers take advantage of sales. Problem is, most of the same things go on sale every week, leading to a stockpile that offers no variety.

3. Storage of bulk items gets in the way. Bargains come in large amounts and could cause hoarding. Without the proper rotation system food spoils and is wasted.

4. It can cause poor nutrition. Deals on nutritious foods like vegetables and fruit are rare. Most deals are for junk food and processed meals that lack nutritional value.

5. Couponers often cheat the system. Coupons are posted online, copied, or used for something other than their original intention, or many other dishonest practices.

6. It wastes too much time. For coupons to really make an impact, extreme couponers dedicate time to collecting the same coupons every week. Organizing stacks of coupons and even checking out takes a ton of time.

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