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Edward Burns, right, and Tyler Perry in a scene from "Alex Cross."

Violence: This is a cop film, so there is much shooting and fighting. There is a scene of MMA fighting that goes too far. Picasso (the bad guy) is sadistic and enjoys torturing his victims. No torture is actually shown on screen, though. A photograph is shown of a character who has been tortured.

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Sexuality: A couple is shown in bed together covered, but engaging in sex. A woman is tied to a bed using her stockings. She is wearing lingerie.

Drugs and drinking: Picasso injects his victims. No recreational drug use is shown, but there is a reference to a drug cache. Two characters are seen drinking at a night spot.

Despite some good acting, there seems to be too little to this story. The filmmakers seem to feel the audience is able to jump to conclusions very easily. Cicely Tyson is very good as Nana Mama but is not used enough. The rating of PG-13 is appropriate, but the age range for this film is better at 15-plus.

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