An issue in LDS Tools will be resolved in version 2.1.1.

The announcement: When I saw the blog title “The Announcement” I was pretty sure that the post would be talking about the missionary age change announcement. But there was another big announcement at the general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and this Tucson-based blogger was delighted by it: “This morning before Conference started, Brett headed out for a run. He told me to take good notes because he’d miss the first of it. … Brett said he only cared if they announced a temple in Tucson, but we both dismissed the idea as crazy. Neither of us felt Tucson was near that point. Brett went for his run and came back during the middle of the opening hymn. He was sitting in the other room when President Monson was speaking. He spoke of the temples that were dedicated this past year and how many temples were now in use or planned and under construction. Then he said he was going to announce two new temples. Before he had finished announcing the location of the first I had loudly gasped, “WHAAA?!?!?!” causing Brett to miss what was said. He came in and, through misty eyes, I told Brett we were getting a temple here in Tucson.” Awesome. Click in for more reaction.

LDS Tools: Well, I like better announcing when new tech tools are available, but still will pass on the note that the new “LDS Tools for IOS Temporarily Unavailable from App Store.” Click in to see why and to see when it will be available for Apple users again.

Flyby tweet: @ldschurch tweeted this awesome idea: “Did you know you can use the new youth curriculum for family home evenings? #LDS #FHE” Brilliant.

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