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Jeff Probst announces that Angie Layton, of the Matsing Tribe, is evicted during Tribal Council on the third episode of "Survivor: Philippines," on Wednesday, Oct. 3.

Provo resident Angie Layton has no regrets about being on “Survivor: Philippines” and the eight days she spent as part of the Matsing Tribe.

The 20-year-old model and fashion student was voted off the show on Day 8 of the 39-day contest, which was in the third episode.

“I was proud of myself,” said Layton, whose tribe ended up at tribal council three weeks in a row. “I gave it 110 percent.”

She felt she shined during the second episode’s immunity challenge as she helped pull a sled to retrieve puzzle pieces twice — more than any other woman in the competition.

Watching that last episode wasn’t nearly as bad as she thought it would be.

“It was exciting, actually,” Layton said in a phone interview with the Deseret News. “I thought it was going to be a lot worse.”

Her memory of that tribal council was of crying more than what they showed.

The biggest challenge of the show was simply being out in the elements and having it rain just about every day.

Watching the series, she noticed how the other two tribes’ shelters were nicer than the Matsing Tribe’s, and the Kalabaw Tribe even had a little cave it could use to get out of the rain.

Being out in the elements helped her realize how appreciative she was of life at home in Provo and how supportive her friends and family have always been.

Layton received a lot of screen time during the second episode, when 28-year-old Roxanne “Roxy” Morris noticed Layton and Malcolm Freberg, 25, had cuddled to stay warm.

“It came off more than what it seemed it was,” Layton said, adding that she wished they had shown more of their debate before going to tribal council.

The second episode was when she answered a question about what changes she could see for the tribe and said that having more cookies would be nice. Her friends that she watched the episode with, along with her Twitter followers, found it amusing.

Cookies, along with a bag of Doritos, were waiting in the vehicle after her elimination.

“It was so good," she said.

It’s a far cry from the coconuts and rice they were eating and the shells they tried to cook.

On Day 2, Morris, who is a seminary student, talked religion with Layton, who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“I tried to explain how it works,” Layton said of the discussion that wasn’t aired.

From here, Layton is concentrating on school and work, and her goal is to participate in the 2013 Miss Utah USA competition.

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Layton was the 2010 Miss Teen Utah USA and was third runner-up in the national pageant.

She said “Survivor” was more difficult than those pageants because she was constantly trying to prove herself to stay on the island, and her family and friends weren’t right there cheering for her.

And even though they voted her off, Layton hopes that fellow Matsing Tribe castaways Freberg and 41-year-old Denise Stapley go far in the competition.

Would she go again?

“If they asked me, I would go tomorrow,” Layton said.

“Survivor: Philippines” airs Wednesday evenings on CBS.