One of the General Conference Wordles.

Conference texts: I think the general conference talk texts were up in record time this year, up and ready to study by Wednesday morning. Check out all the talks at the official page, where you can watch, listen to and — like I said — print and read the talks again and again. Enjoy!

Conference wordles: I get pretty excited for the “October 2012 General Conference Wordles” to see the themes of conference creatively depicted using this word art technology tool. Are you surprised to see the main themes? I’m not. Click in to see more.

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Exhibit treasures: In connection with general conference, the Church History Library has been holding the "Treasures of the Collection: Office of the Church Historian and Recorder" last week and this week. And blogger Ardis E. Parshall not only provides a review, but lets us know that they are opening it for one last unadvertised day, today! She gives many, many reasons why you should check it out, including the following: "One of my favorite items is the statement of Willard Richards and John Taylor, dated at Carthage Jail, 8:05 p.m., on the day Joseph and Hyrum died there. We’ve all read the text before, including the line about the fear Carthage citizens expressed about a potential retaliatory Mormon attack: 'I promise them no!' But look at the letter itself, and you see something that cannot be conveyed by a mere publication of the words. Look at the emphasis Elder Richards gives to that 'no!' This is one of the times when I realize that no transcription, nothing but an original, or at least a detailed image of the original, can tell the whole story." Click in to see so many other amazing treasures, including photos of the actual items. Amazing!

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