Duchesne has at least a share of the region championship and Rich has clinched at least a tie for a playoff berth.

Summit Academy at Layton Christian is the sole region contest this week, but if LCA loses, the Eagles are likely out of the tournament with a game at Rich next week. If LCA defeates SA, the likely result is a three-way tie between those two and Altamont for the final two berths.

Remaining region games: Layton Christian has 2, the rest have 1.



Teams vying for three open playoff berths:


Summit Academy


Out: N/A.


Diamond Ranch (DR) is top seed and outright region champ. There are no region games this week; next week Monticello visits Milford and Monument Valley (MV) plays at Whitehorse.

Remaining region games: Diamond Ranch is done, the rest have one.


Diamond Ranch


Teams vying for two open playoff berths:

Monument Valley



Out: N/A.

Southern region seeding scenarios:

If Monticello and Monument Valley win:

  1. DR
  2. Monticello
  3. MV
  4. Milford

If Monticello and Whitehorse win:

  1. DR
  2. Monticello
  3. Three-way tie between MV, Whitehorse and Milford for final two berths

If Milford and MV win:

  1. DR
  2. Three-way tie between MV, Monticello and Milford

If Milford and Whitehorse win:

  1. DR
  2. Milford
  3. Monticello
  4. Two-way tie between Whitehorse and MV for final berth

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