Region 1

Syracuse has clinched the No. 1 seed and a share of the region title. A win over Weber gives the Titans their first region crown. Fremont is eliminated if it loses to Layton. Northridge at Davis is the other game.

Only one game remains in-region for these teams.

In the playoffs:



Open Playoff Berths:





Region 1 Playoff Seeding

If Northridge and Layton win:

  1. Syracuse
  2. Northridge
  3. Layton
  4. Davis

If Northridge and Fremont win:

  1. Syracuse
  2. Northridge
  3. Davis, Fremont and Layton tie for final two spots

If Davis and Layton win:

  1. Syracuse
  2. Northridge, Davis, and Layton three-way tie for 2-4. A coin flip determines seeding.

If Davis and Fremont win:

  1. Syracuse
  2. Davis
  3. Northridge
  4. Fremont and Layton tie.

Region 2

A Hunter win over Taylorsville secures a share of the region crown and if Kearns defeats Viewmont, the no. 1 seed goes to the Wolverines. Should that happen, and West loses at Granger, T-ville and West are eliminated and Kearns, Granger and Viewmont are in. Then next week, Granger at Kearns determines the second and third seeds and Viewmont is fourth.

Two region games remain in region 2.



Open berths:




Out: N/A

Region 3

With a win over Brighton, Jordan secures a berth, a share of the league title and if Alta wins too, the top seed. The winner of West Jordan at Alta on Thursday clinches a tie for a spot. The most likely scenario shows that Brighton, Cottonwood and West Jordan will tie for the final two berths.

Copper Hills goes home if it loses to Cottonwood. Two games in-region remain for region 3.

In: N/A

Teams vying for four open playoff berths:





West Jordan



Region 4

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This region has four teams tied for first — those listed under “Open berths.” It’s likely those four will qualify in some order. This week, Bingham finds itself in an unusual position: cheering for rival Riverton. Unless the Silver Wolves upset Lone Peak, the best Bingham can do is second since LP should beat Lehi in Week 10.

So a Lone Peak win this week pretty much guarantees the Knights the top seed. But they’ll probably share the region crown with the winner of next week’s Bingham at Pleasant Grove game. American Fork gets back in the mix by upsetting PG on Wednesday or Riverton next week.

Lehi is eliminated if it loses at Bingham. There are two games remaining in region 4.

In: N/A

Teams vying for four open playoff berths:

Lone Peak



Pleasant Grove



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