DRAPER — The City Council on Oct. 2 honored three girls for extinguishing a fire in SunCrest.

Natalie Tonks, Emilee Christensen and London Mohowski recently were passengers in a van on their way home from a Lone Peak lacrosse practice when they saw flames around an electrical box on SunCrest Drive. The driver of the van, DeLaina Tonks, made a quick U-turn and called 911.

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The girls, all 12 years old, jumped out of the van and poured water on the flames from a case of water that was in the van. They made sure they stayed away from the electrical box.

When they first stopped, the flames were only 3-4 inches high and were just around the box. The flames spread quickly, jumped to a foot high and started racing through the dry brush up the mountain. The girls ran up ahead of the fire to keep it from spreading and were able to extinguish it completely in about 10 minutes, shortly before fire crews and the Lone Peak police arrived on the scene.