PROVO — Three teenage boys stranded on a cliff in Provo Canyon were rescued early Tuesday after spending more than four hours in the cold.

The boys were perched on a 3-foot-wide ledge about 400 yards above the highway Monday night. They were hiking the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, located west of Bridal Veil Falls, when they got "ledged out."

The teens, from Orem, set out for a day hike Monday. They had cellphones and a head lamp but no coats or food. They found themselves in steep rocky terrain and by the time they turned back,  it was dark and they couldn't see where they were going.

Paul Johnson's son was one of the teens stuck in the canyon.

"They called a little before eight o'clock and said, ‘We're in trouble. We're in cliffs.' We said, ‘Stay put. Sit down. Don't move,'" Johnson said.

He hiked as close as he could to them, but realized they were stuck on some cliffs and it wasn't safe to hike down alone.

"They were not dressed for this. They did not have coats. They walked through rivers and waterfalls and were freezing. Their feet were wet and cold," Johnson said.

He called for help around 9 p.m. Search and rescue crews hiked to the boys and walked them down around 3 a.m. The boys were hungry and cold but were OK.