One child's colorful masterpiece completed while listening to conference this past weekend.

First, check out this page to get videos and some text already from October general conference. If you watch them all together, it’s like a 20-minute highlight reel of some of the important messages from conferences of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Also, watch this page for full texts of all the talks as soon as they are available — usually by Thursday. Similarly, you can watch “Highlights from General Conference” on the Mormon Messages YouTube channel (and link to them on your blogs, tweets and Facebook walls).

Second, there are so many awesome printables already constructed by creative bloggers that spotlight some of the powerful sayings from conference. I’ve already seen many iterations of Sister Ann M. Dibb’s “I’m a Mormon. I know it. I live it. I love it.” And here are many, many others that are fun to see, print, display, and, of course, share.

Third, I just love the many testimonies and exclamations of delight regarding conference that flood the blogs in the hours and days following. Here’s a smattering of the many examples:

“Overall, we had a pleasant weekend home together. I look forward to rereading the talks and having my children listen to some of the stories. And because of my debriefing I hope the next conference is even better. What went well for you this general conference? What ways do you want to improve your family’s general conference experience?” – Tiffany, who has many ideas about “Debriefing General Conference”

“(Church leaders) are teaching pretty basic and clear doctrine as they have for several conferences now (and, in the case of Elder (Rober D.) Hales, for even longer), and it makes sense for me to ponder why the apostles, who can talk about whatever they want, choose (or are moved) to speak about basic gospel principles.” – Paul from A Latter-day Voice

“General conference was basically the best thing ever. I loved it so much! :) I couldn't believe it when they announced the new ages for missionaries to leave for the field! ... I wasn't in the least expecting them to change the age for the women. It's so cool! The mission field is going to be jam-packed with amazing sisters now. And more elders, I would think, as well.” – Elder Joseph Cannon in the Columbia Bogotá North Mission

“Oh how I LOVE general conference weekend. I am always so sad when the prophet says his closing remarks on Sunday afternoon...but d/t wonderful technology I can already re-listen to the talks and feel the inspiration all over again. This was a historical conference weekend. President Monson announced that there was a change in the age of missionary service. Sisters now have the option to serve at 19 yrs. old! and elders can go at 18! (WOW) this will be such a huge change. Elder (Jeffrey R.) Holland in the press conference afterwards said that the reason for these changes is that the Lord is hastening missionary work. From what I can imagine this will increase the missionary force immensely!” – Emily Ann, from her own family blog

Now let’s highlight other amazing conference-related Bloggernacle posts from the past week:

Power pick: Did anyone else wonder about the historical background of the missionary age change? I did. Well wonder no more. Brigham Young Univeristy-Idaho Professor Andrea Radke-Moss takes us on a historical journey in “Pragmatism and Progress: An Overview of LDS Sister Missionary Service in the Twentieth Century” wherein she concludes “The age change puts missionary service for young women squarely along their road maps of major life milestones, even privileging ‘Mission’ as a desirable step toward life preparation. Young women will have more opportunities for lessons about companionship, effective communication, conflict resolution, problem-solving, public speaking, more intense gospel study, doctrinal preparation, church governance and leadership. As with previous historical episodes, even if there is a pragmatic motive behind the church’s policy change, in this case, the pragmatism comes with a great leap forward. The implications are endless, and I eagerly await their full exploration.” Click in to find out more about women serving from the 19th century to today.

Techie tip: I began this column with links to videos that allowed you to get a 20-minute distillation of many of the important conference messages. And I just love that I can end with a link to a video that is a time lapse of conference squished into a two-minute video. Watch the “LDS Conference Time-Lapse October 2012” that still somehow awesomely encapsulates much of the spirit of conference. Wow.

Emily Warburton Jensen loves searching through the LDS blog world for developments and testimonies that best capture the ever-evolving LDS online experience. Email: [email protected]