SUNSET — A police officer shot a man who was standing inside his home early Monday after he said the man pointed a loaded gun directly at him.

Juan Ramirez, 42, was in surgery at Ogden Regional Medical Center after being shot three times by a Sunset police officer following a domestic dispute.

The incident began at 1:19 a.m. when emergency dispatchers received a 911 hangup call from 1089 N. 250 West, which usually means someone inside the house dialed 911 but hung up the phone before saying anything.

Sunset Police Chief Ken Eborn said investigators later found out Ramirez broke or smashed the phone, automatically triggering a 911 call. He said Ramirez had been drinking and verbally fighting with his wife.

A nearby officer responded within two minutes. As he walked onto the front porch, he could see Ramirez through the glass screen door waving a handgun inside, said Eborn.

"He gave a verbal command through the door to drop the weapon," Eborn said.

Instead, Ramirez fired a round into one of the walls, he said. No one was injured.

The officer ordered the man several times to drop his gun. Ramirez refused to comply, and "turned the gun toward the officer," prompting the officer to fire three times through the glass door, the chief said.

"The officer would not have returned fire without believing that he was in imminent danger of being fired upon," Eborn said.

Ramirez's wife and three children were home at the time of the shooting. Eborn said the children did not see the shooting.

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The officer involved in the shooting, who has been with the department less than a year, was placed on standard paid administrative leave Monday pending an investigation into the incident. Eborn said not only was this the first officer-involved shooting in his 26 years with the department, but the first time an officer has fired their weapon while on duty.

Ramirez has a minor criminal history, according to Utah court records. He was charged with stalking and reckless driving in 2004, but the charges were later dismissed.

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