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A compliation of all the temples in the Improvement Era, circa 1932.

Conference highlights: This “Highlights from General Conference” mini-message featuring President Thomas S. Monson from the Mormon Messages YouTube channel is just a taste of what I’ll be discussing in my general conference online wrap-up tomorrow in Bloggerancle Back Bench. Find reaction to the missionary age change, notes about the temples, testimonies and much more.

Earliest temples: Speaking of the two new temples announced, "remember when all the church’s temples fit into a compact one-page illustration?” And then this blogger answers “Yeah, Me Neither.” Click to see this retro look of some of the earliest temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that, yep, do fit onto one page. Awesome.

Russian champion: Virtually go to Russia to meet another amazing Mormon.org profile, this time a woman who is a champion indoor bicycle racer. How did her sports participation influence her life? She tells the story of how her trainer said “If you stand in one place then you are moving backwards.” So she determined to make “a habit of doing something every day to become better and perfect myself.” Click in to meet Evageniya Maximova.

FHE idea: I’m pulling this general conference-themed family home evening idea from the blog archives since it can easily be appropriated for a post-conference family home evening. Click in to see how this blogger did a “General Conference Un-Wrap-Up” using the following: “ACTIVITY: In a basket we will have several items wrapped up in wrapping paper. These are items that represent different topics we heard about in general conference. The kids will take turns unwrapping each gift one at a time and we will discuss who spoke about the topic and one or two key points they mentioned.”

'See Others As They May Become'

A snippet from LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson's talk from general conference on Sunday.

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