My daughter's mother-in-law, who is Methodist, made the family welcome for Sunday dinners. When the time for general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints rolled around, my daughter and her husband, who are both Mormon, would go to her mother-in-law's home and watch.

Knowing the little ones were usually hungry before conference session closed, Grandma made mini-muffins. These were dubbed "Conference Muffins" by one of the grandchildren and are still served today more than 25 years later.

Now, Grandma comes to my daughter's home and supervises the making and baking of "Conference Muffins."

At a recent general conference, about 26 family members and friends watched and ate the muffins. Although a firm believer in her own faith, she enjoys seeing conference.

Merna T. Catlow lives in Nampa, Idaho.