COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — Police questioned two boys accused of firing an airsoft gun at passing vehicles Thursday.

Cottonwood Heights Police Sgt. Gary Young said a man and his daughter were driving near 7850 S. Highland Drive when a pellet came through the open window and hit the girl in the forehead. The girl suffered a welt but didn't require medical treatment.

Officers found two boys with an airsoft rifle hiding beneath a nearby bridge, Young said. The boys confessed to shooting at passing cars and were released to their parents. Possible charges are pending in the matter.

Young said he wants youth and parents to know misbehaving with airsoft weapons can be dangerous.

"This is an incredibly dumb idea," he said. "If your children have BB guns or pellet guns, it is a great idea to sit down and discuss with them the potential dangers." 

Young said it's not likely the boys were targeting a specific car and probably didn't know the window was open.

McKenzie Romero

Twitter: @McKenzieRomero