Excel Entertainment
"Frontman: The Alex Boye Story" on DVD tells singer Boye's story of his conversion to the LDS Church.

"FRONTMAN: The Alex Boye Story," Excel Entertainment, $19.98, 84 minutes

The strength of Alex Boye’s vocals matches the strength of his story: Both are powerful, convincing and full of heart.

The 84-minute DVD, “Frontman: The Alex Boye Story,” captures through interview and music clips the exceptional and extraordinary tale of the singer who was born in London in 1970, and his journey to Utah and joining the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Boye, a convert to the church at age 16, was the “engine” of the band “Awesome,” which played for massive audiences across Europe in the mid 1990s. At the height of the band’s fame, Boye announced he would be leaving to focus on gospel-centered music. The band dissolved a week later.

One of the most touching moments of the DVD is the surprise visit of Boye, his wife, Julie, and their baby, Adanna, to his mother’s home in England. The moment, caught on film, shows the true and deep love of a mother and son reunited after eight years. However, Boye’s mother wasn’t always there for him. When he was young, she left him in England, telling him she would return in “three weeks.” Boye admits to looking to the sky at each plane that flew overhead thinking that his mother would be on "that one."

“After about five, six years, I didn’t even think I had a mum," he said.

“Just because you become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints doesn’t mean your life is going to go great all the time.”

Although his early years weren’t easy, he learned through trial and trust that God has a hand in all things.

“Frontman” is geared toward the youths of the church, but all ages will enjoy the moving story of true conversion and Boye’s message of “the power of music.”

Amy Wilde is a writer living in Brigham City, Utah. You can read her blog at amywildeatmosphere.blogspot.com, follow her on twitter at wildeatmosphere or email her at wilde.amy@gmail.com.