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From left, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller star in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower."

Alcohol/drugs: There are many parties and functions that the characters in this film attend. They have their own place to hang out together and some bring drugs and alcohol to consume. Brownies laced with drugs are consumed. Some kids are shown high or drunk.

Sensuality: A lot of discussion about love. There is no nudity in the film but there are scenes of teenagers making out and touching each other. Also, there is some same-gender kissing. The main characters act out portions of the movie “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” which has characters in lingerie for certain scenes.

Language: Typical high school language is used where teens want to sound more mature so they use foul language. There are also some adult themes discussed in the film.

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Abuse: One theme of this film is abuse. Bullying occurs at school and there is sexual as well as physical abuse presented. You see the effects of the abuse and not an actual occurrence of it.

Despite the more adult themes, the story is a good take on how life can really hurt good people. It also shows that friendships are an important part of high school even if they do hurt at times. Since this film deals with more mature themes, a 15-plus audience is probably appropriate. There are good performances from Logan Lerman as Charlie and Emma Watson as Sam. Watson proves that Hermione Granger is not the only role she can play.

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