Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
Jazz Center #0 Enes Kanter dunks a football as he plays catch with teammates. Utah Jazz Media day Monday, Oct. 1, 2012 at the Zions Bank Basketball center.
(Twitter) is so much fun. It's just entertaining people. —Utah Jazz center Enes Kanter

SALT LAKE CITY — If Enes Kanter has a breakout season that resembles how much he broke out of his shell this summer, opposing NBA teams better watch out.

In case you don't follow the breakout entertainer on Twitter, the formerly reserved player's offseason escapades included (but were not limited to): a trip to Playboy headquarters, Venice Beach fun, female friends, chilling with Peter Brady (OK, actor Christopher Knight), kissing an alligator and holding a tarantula, snakes and other reptiles at Gatorland, playing a hotel harp, shopping for bling, posing with team mascots at a football game, skydiving (or not) and sending out requests to get a blonde date for a Cheesecake Factory dinner and a brunette to give him a post-meal massage.

Yes, the self-proclaimed Gingerbread Man (ask him) included photos from most of those adventures that took place in what became known as the "Summer of Enes."

That's not to forget numerous pictures the 20-year-old posted of his sculpted six-pack abs and chest, either.

Not surprisingly, Kanter's eventful summer and interesting social-media spree were among the hot topics Monday at Media Day.

"It's so much fun," Kanter said of the 50 tweets he put out between Aug. 28 and Sept. 25. "It's just entertaining people."

Teammate Earl Watson jokingly chimed in with a suggestion.

"Enes needs his own reality show," Watson joked.

He even gave a free name suggestion: "Enes Comes to Salt Lake."

Apparently, the center can also star in a weight-loss show.

Kanter came to Salt Lake weighing 51 pounds less than he did after packing on about 20 postseason pounds during a trip home that apparently included way too much Turkish delight.

When he wasn't snapping shots of his frivolous free time, the 6-foot-11 big spent massive amounts of time pumping iron, exercising and training on the court for his sophomore season. That hard work resulted in him reporting to camp weighing in at a svelte-but-sculpted 242 pounds.

"He lost a lot of weight," Jazz forward Paul Millsap noticed. "He's a lot more mobile. He can get down the court better."

The second-year pro credited "The Enes Kanter Diet" for helping him shed a whopping 51 pounds in two months. The simple regiment: dressing-free salads, seafood and a smorgasbord of tweets.

A sample day in the eating life of chunkier Kanter: a six-egg omelet, seven or eight pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream and a burrito for breakfast; chicken alfredo pasta, a burger and an appetizer for lunch; and a big meal including another burger and dessert for dinner.

"Now, I play faster, more explosive," Kanter said to the surprise of nobody within the range of his voracious appetite.

As for his all-you-can-tweet menu, Kanter admitted the Jazz chatted with him.

"Some tweets they said they liked it," Kanter said. "Some tweets they didn't like it. I understand."

Jazz president Randy Rigby grinned when asked about the organization's response the Summer of Enes.

"We're talking to him about that," Rigby said. "He's young and learning."

Speaking of his youthfulness, Jazz center Al Jefferson reminded Kanter that because of the 66-game lockout-shortened year, he has 16 games left until he graduates to his sophomore season.

"He's still going to be my rookie regardless," Big Al said. "Forever."

Kanter, by the way, didn't write about that on Twitter.

CAMP NOTES: Point guard Earl Watson isn't sure when he'll be able to participate in camp as he continues to rehab from knee surgery last spring. "I feel great. I feel 100 percent," he said. "I've just got to get my foundation back, so it's going to take a little bit more time." … Point guard Jamaal Tinsley's mouth was in pain, so he missed Media Day interviews. It's uncertain whether he'll participate in today's camp-opening two-a-day session. … The Jazz invited Israeli point guard Gal Mekel to camp, but he couldn't attend due to visa issues, according to Mekel, who played at Wichita State from 2006-08, "impressed" the Jazz in a recent audition and will likely try to make the NBA next year, Marc Stein reported. GM Dennis Lindsey said he can't comment on players not in camp.