This is one of the uploaded images to "Invite Others" to listen to general conference this coming weekend.

Spiritually and virtually prepare for general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with these countdowns, activities, ideas, packets, challenges and much more.

It’s been out a few weeks, but I waited to lead off this column with this wonderful LDS Church-produced social media tool that allows you to “Invite Others” to come share in the conference spirit. This page includes banners to upload to your site, a widget to sidebar and even a video to embed into sites and blog posts. Awesome, awesome!

Another way bloggers look forward to general conference is by countdowns. The Mormon Soprano is using her blog to “Count Down to Conference” by highlighting April 2012 talks each day. Her widget shows there are only four days left, so be sure to comb through her archives for all the discussion on the various talks. What a wonderful way to prepare!

There are just so many cute and creative ways to keep children (and sometimes adults) engaged in listening to general conference. I’ll highlight a few here, but if you run out of ideas, check out Pinterest (this Pinterest user has many conference-related pins) and search “general conference, LDS” for an explosion of fantastic ways to make conference memorable.

This blogger touts “The Ultimate Guide: Activities, Games and Ideas for General Conference with Kids.” She has compiled and organized the following list:

  • Resources: These are the best online resource sites for conference activities. These include posts similar to this one as well as sites dedicated only to entertaining kids during conference.
  • Games/activity ideas: A list of game and activity ideas for children including links to pictures and tutorials.
  • Booklets and packets: Browse through this list of the general conference activity packets and booklets found across the Internet.
  • Baskets and kits: Browse through this list of general conference baskets and kits.
  • General conference notebooks
  • General conference Pinterest boards
Phew! Click in to peruse her many, many links.

Similarly, this food storage-focused blogger uses a “seed packet” theme for a printable general conference packet. I love it! Plus, she also includes a compilation of links to other sites so you can choose which one works best for your situation. Cool!

Finally, I’ve never highlighted the “October 2012 General Conference Schedule for Deaf Members of the Church” and was pleased to see this blogger do so. Click in to find out how those who are deaf can also enjoy conference, thanks to the ASL volunteers who make it possible.

Besides what I’ve highlighted here, I will be pointing out other great general conference blogs and sites in the next week as we all virtually and spiritually prepare for this next weekend.

Now let’s confer about other Bloggernacle posts from the past week:

Power pick: If I were to guess what will be new this conference, I would point to the revolutionary new young men/young women/youth Sunday School curriculum “Come, Follow Me,” just released on This is a huge overhaul of the old program and somehow incorporates both hours of YM/YW and SS. It is based on Web resources that can change as new resources become available. Above all, it is topic-generated but relies on teachers who use the resources as directed by the Spirit. Click in to explore, and I will be discussing this innovative new curriculum in a future column.

Techie tip: Have you seen the “New Tech-Savvy Pass-Along Cards” in this month’s Ensign? This blogger explains: “The LDS Church is integrating technology known as QR Codes into the pass-along cards so that people who receive them can scan them with their smartphone and be taken to an official church website in which people can learn about specific topics related to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The LDS Church provided a supplement to the October 2012 issue of the Ensign or English Liahona that contained the new pass-along cards, a page inviting members to join and a page explaining how the new cards work.

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