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Dracula, voiced by Adam Sandler, left, and Johnnystein, voiced by Andy Samberg, in a scene from "Hotel Transylvania."

Prejudice: One of the main themes mentioned throughout the film is the idea of judging based on appearance. One scene parents may need to explain involves Dracula asking Jonathan, the human character, about the safety of the Dracula family if they choose to venture into the world. Jonathan doesn’t really address the question but gives up the argument because he knows the world is a dangerous place for people who are different.

Crude humor: This film throws in a lot of unnecessary body jokes, including flatulence, rear ends, werewolves urinating on carpets and the supernatural sponge characters who enjoy cleaning up after them.

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Scary images: This isn’t a dark film, although the title might suggest otherwise. However, there are two or three scenes where the monsters either unexpectedly roar in the scene or become completely different characters because they feel threatened. Overall, the scare scenes are very mild, but they are there.

Overall, “Hotel Transylvania” plays it safe in every department except crude humor and, even there it could have been worse. The movie itself felt restrained, so even when heavy topics come up, they move away from them. This is probably a safe film for any child 6 and up.

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