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Maggie Gyllenhaal, right, and Viola Davis in a scene from "Won't Back Down."

  • Surprise: With no sensuality of foul language, this film is a wonderful surprise. This is a story for adults to watch but you can still take your kids without any worry.
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  • Language: There are no expletives, which could easily have been used at times. One character does tell her boss off in the film with a turn of phrase, but there is nothing else to be aware of.
  • Parents: This film care about kids. It portrays parents wanting to do what is best for their kids even though the odds are against them.

There have been protests over this film claiming that it is not representing unions in a fair light. Hopefully you will still see this film if for nothing else but the performance by Viola Davis. She is wonderful as a teacher who wants to do what is right for the kids. This is very much a David and Goliath story and was inspired by actual events.

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