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Rebel Wilson portraying "Fat Amy" in a scene from the film "Pitch Perfect."
  • Language: The language in this film was uniquely applied by the college students in the story. Insults were thrown around easily, many being crude or sexual in nature.
  • Crude Humor: Some of the physical comedy included vomiting and people falling into it. There is a lot of sexual innuendo and flaunting of female body parts, though they are covered. Sexual activity is referred to a couple of times and used as taunts.
  • Nudity: Some of the characters wear very low-cut and tight-fitting clothes. There is one shower scene where the girls appear to be nude. Nothing is shown from the shoulder down. A man also appears in the shower.

This film definitely deserves its PG-13 rating. It is not quite to the level of R, but it would not take much to get it there. This is a story about college-aged kids and so it is better suited for an older audience. A 16-plus audience would probably be best. This is one of those films you wanted to sneak into when you were a kid because everyone said it was cool. There are funny moments in the story and some touching ones, but the college humor takes over too often.

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