LOGAN — A 4-year-old has no apparent injuries despite being run over as his mother backed out of a driveway in her van.

Lt. Brian Locke of the Cache County Sheriff's office said a CAT scan was done to check for internal injuries, but the boy appears unharmed. 

"You go out on a dozen of these and every one of them are fatal," he said. "We're happy to report they'll probably just keep him overnight for observation but he looks like he's doing OK."

Locke said the boy's mother, Joanna Lee, was delivering fliers for the Boy Scouts in Wellsville and didn't realize her son had exited the vehicle while she was at the door, Locke said. When she backed up the van after returning to the vehicle, the front wheel ran over the boy's torso.

Lee immediately contacted the Logan Regional Hospital and 911 as she left Wellsville and was instructed to rendezvous with an ambulance. She was met by the ambulance on the south side of Logan and her son was rushed to the hospital.

McKenzie Romero

Twitter: @McKenzieRomero