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"A Prophet's Voice: Messages From Thomas S. Monson" is a compilation of notable talks by President Thomas S. Monson.

"A PROPHET'S VOICE: Messages from Thomas S. Monson," Deseret Book, $32.99, 518 pages (nf)

President Thomas S. Monson has spoken in general conference more than any other living general authority and has also been the speaker at many, many other occasions and events throughout his decades of service as a general authority.

Nineteen of his general conference talks since he was sustained as the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, along with 38 other addresses, have been compiled into a recently released book titled "A Prophet's Voice: Messages from Thomas S. Monson."

The first 19 talks are from general conferences from April 2008 — his first as a president of the LDS Church — to the April conference earlier this year and appear chronologically. These are dated with the session identified, and appear the way he presented them.

The second part's 38 talks are arranged under five different topics: "The Blessings of Service," "The Worth of Souls," "The Hope of the Rising Generation," "The Power of Self-Mastery" and "The Path of a Disciple."

These addresses have been "edited to remove occasion-specific references and eliminate repetition," the preface states.

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President Monson's storytelling style and ability to recall many details about a specific event shine through in this 518-page volume, whether it's in appreciation of doctors (No. 27 "Is There a Doctor in the House?") or sharing his visits — along with a few journal entries — to Germany after World War II.

There are two indices: one of scripture references and another by keywords or topic.

"A Prophet's Voice" is a grand companion to his biography "To the Rescue" and to "Teachings of Thomas S. Monson."