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Joseph Smith Papers Project
A page from Emma Smith's compilation A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of the Latter Day Saints held at the Church History Library.

Joseph Smith: A plethora of fascinating documents was just uploaded to the Joseph Smith Papers Project site including the following:

All six of the extant Abraham manuscripts as well as the Book of Abraham as published in the Times and Seasons in March and May 1842. In the future, the website will include the other Egyptian Papers as well.

The first hymnal published by the church in 1835.

  • A cumulative index for Histories, volumes 1 and 2.

    A Revelations Correspondence Chart showing the relationship between different versions of revelations.

    New and updated reference material, including 33 new and 27 updated glossary terms, 11 new geographical descriptions and source citations for 34 biographical descriptions.

    And much more. Check it out and learn something new about our founding prophet.

    'The Mailbox': The newest video uploaded to the Mormon Messages YouTube channel zoomed me down memory lane as I remember sitting watching this old video many a Sunday afternoon. The message of “The Mailbox” made me sad every time I watched it and it’s a great reminder to send notes of love and appreciation, that can, in this digital day and age, be sent so easily. Click in to watch.

    RootsTech2013: As this blogger exclaims “RootsTech 2013 Registration is (now) Open!” and not only does he provide links to the registration, but you can see the list of genealogy bloggers invited to attend as “Official RootsTech Bloggers.” Click in to see if your favorite blogger is going as well as see what classes will be offered.

    Mormon Message: 'The Mailbox'

    "The Mailbox" was produced in 1977 and it about 83 year-old Lethe as she waits at her mailbox for the mailman to arrive every delivery day.

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