The blogger button for the annual celebration of "The Family: A Proclamation to the World."

It’s become an annual tradition, a blogging celebration of “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.” This year four different blogs — We Talk of Christ, Chocolate on My Cranium, Diapers and Divinity and Middle-Aged Mormon Man —are hosting a two-week long celebration (which began on Monday, Sept. 17, and will culminate on Sunday, Sept. 30) of the 17-year anniversary of the family proclamation. Each blogger approaches celebrating differently and clicking in today you’ll find the following:

• At We Talk of Christ, a family home evening tailored exactly to the family proclamation complete with a darling printable that works as the lesson.

• At Chocolate on My Cranium read about the importance of sharing your love story: “Do your children know your love story? How your family came to be? Our children know ours. They know they are a part of our love story. They also know it is still being written; it didn't end when we got married.” Darling!

• At Diapers and Divinity you’ll find guest bloggers invited to discuss specific snippets of the document. For example Shawni Pothier provides a wonderful list of ideas for strengthening your marriage as “Husband and Wife” like "continue dating regularly forever, even if it’s an 'at-home date' after the kids are in bed.”

• At Middle-Aged Mormon Man, end with a laugh that is, as the guest comic explains, “completely family-centered.”

Now let’s celebrate other Bloggernacle posts from the past week:

Power pick:Can we still be friends . . . even if one of us votes for Romney and the other for Obama?” Of course, explains this blogger in this timely post:

“I have had some personal association with one of the candidates and have followed both closely for a number of years, trying to assess both their personal characters and their political positions. In my considered opinion, both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are decent, reasonable, intelligent men of goodwill. They are both good fathers and faithful husbands (and we've had passable presidents who have been neither). Both have leadership skills, energy, commitment, and a desire to accomplish positive things. …So I guess what I'm proposing is that we try to lower the temperature, get in a frame of mind where we can actually consider the candidates' positions fairly and intelligently, and do our best to assess for ourselves who we think has the best approach and will do the best job. We can share our views and make our arguments and perhaps even listen, with a desire for understanding, to the views and arguments of others. But we don't need to descend into a frenzied state of contention and vilification or into a hardened state of cynicism and contempt. We can respect the decisions of our friends, even when they differ from our own. And we can remain friends not only after the election is over, but even during the season leading up to it.” Click in to read this important reminder in this hotly-contested political season.

Techie tip: Did you know that the seminary and institute websites have recently been updated? This blogger provides the specs: “The casual observer may not notice huge changes to the sites; the look and feel of the sites is basically unchanged from the previous version. But under the hood, the sites are completely new. They are better organized and have several improved features. Let me review some of the highlights:

Elder Ballard Seminary welcome video: A new series of videos from Elder Ballard welcoming Seminary students to a new year to study the New Testament is now posted.

Video downloads: All videos now have a download option, something end users have long been asking for.

Sharing Tools: Social media sharing icons and other sharing tools are now located on each page to allow users to share content via email, or on their favorite social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Site search: Each site now has a search feature, which the old sites did not have. Internal site search provides faster and easier access to the specific content users are looking for.

New menus: Both sites have new drop down menus based on a new information architecture (basically this means we have re-organized the site to provide faster and easier access to content).

Bread crumbs: Bread crumb paths are standard for all pages in both sites now. Bread crumbs make it easier for users to navigate the site, understand where they are in context of the larger site, and find the content they are looking for.

SEO: The sites and individual page content are now much more search engine optimized. We cleaned up page headlines and titles, restructured content, and better optimized the URLs.

Cool. Click in to learn more about it, or even better, peruse the updated sites today!

Emily Warburton Jensen loves searching through the LDS blog world for developments and testimonies that best capture the ever-evolving LDS online experience. Email: