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Scenes from Brigham City Temple cultural celebration

Temple dedication: It was fun to see all the blog testimonies yesterday regarding the dedication of the Brigham City Utah Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here are a few:

Blogger Chelsey Fisher said “Today my roommates and I attended the Brigham City temple dedication. The last dedication I went to was Nauvoo years ago so it is hard to remember. As we sat in the Marriott, it was amazing to see so many college students sitting quietly as if they were in the temple. As the ceremony progressed, I felt such a profound love for the apostles and the temple. It is amazing how different the feeling between a temple and the world is. The sense of love and peace compared to the feelings of the world is drastically different.”

And blogger Steve Smith explained “This morning we went to the first dedication session for the Brigham City Temple at our Stake Center. I think it was a great experience for my three oldest children to be a part of a temple dedication. (Elder) L. Tom Perry conducted the session, and (President) Boyd K. Packer presided. President Packer commented about asking the Lord to keep him alive long enough to see the temple dedicated since Brigham City is his hometown. The Brigham City Temple is the 139th operating temple in the world. It is a testimony to me to see so many temples around the world.”

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Temple celebration: As a Northern Utah girl myself, I was pleased to see this blogger chronicling the Brigham City Utah Temple cultural celebration: “Harvest of Faith.” In Part 1 the young men and young women depicted the Mormon settlers to the valley and how it blossomed. In Part 2 we enter the modern age with companies coming in and bringing prosperity. The conclusion of flags from around the world and all 4,000 LDS youths singing “I Love to See the Temple” must have been a sight to behold!

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