Warner Bros.
Clint Eastwood, right, and Amy Adams in a scene from "Trouble with the Curve."

Language — There is some profanity used throughout the film, including one use of the F-word. The film portrays an “old boys club” mentality — hence, the language. One character talks about the women who will be fawning over him and what he plans to do with them. These are the biggest concerns for parents.

Nudity — There is one scene with a low-cut blouse while the character is playing pool. Another scene has two actors stripping to swim in a lake. They are not skinny-dipping, though. This was a unique scene since the filmmakers could have had the characters go further in disrobing. It was a nice symbolic gesture for the characters to keep their clothes on.

Smoking/drinking — Clint Eastwood’s character is an older man who is stuck in his ways. He is a great example of a curmudgeon. As such, he is smoking a cigar a lot because it’s what he does. There are some bar scenes and there is some drunkenness portrayed.

For a PG-13 film, this one is fairly tame. It is appropriately rated and an age 13-plus audience would be fine watching "Trouble with the Curve." There are some very nice moments of poetic justice that happen late in the movie and they are well worth the time to watch. Though baseball is the main setting of this film, the main subject is personal relationships and how we deal with them. There is enough sports and emotional stuff to say that this film could be enjoyed by a wide audience. It's not solely a romantic movie, nor is it just a sports film.

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