Jason Swensen, Deseret News
Image from 2012 LDS Scout encampment outside Spokane, Wash. Photo by Gibby Images.

Insidesales.com Inc., the cloud-based provider of sales automation and analytics for inside sales professionals, picked the Utah National Parks Council of the Boy Scouts of America to receive its annual donation from the 1/1/1 Do Good Foundation program for 2012.

“We take 1 percent of our revenue, 1 percent of our labor and 1 percent of our product for a year and select a cause that we feel will most benefit the youth or the underprivileged in our own backyard,” said Dave Elkington, CEO and founder, in an insidesales.com press release.

In past years, insidesales.com assisted a small private university and a local women’s shelter. Employees also help at charity gardens and serve at soup kitchens.

The proceeds will go to the restoration of Camp Maple Dell in addition to continued fundraising with the Utah National Parks Council.

“The resources provided by insidesales.com will greatly help with the efforts to begin the rebuild and improvement of Camp Maple Dell as well as to enhance the technology we use for our overall fundraising campaigns,” said David Pack, Scout executive of the Utah National Parks Council.

The Utah National Parks Council consists of 81,000 youth and 43,000 adult volunteers. The council produces about 2,500 Eagle Scouts each year, the most in the U.S.

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