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Jimmy Osmond performs during a taping of the Osmonds 50th anniversary show in 2007.

I attended Brigham Young University back in the 1970s (yep, it dates me), when the Osmonds and their television variety program — “The Donny & Marie Show” — were a hit. BYU students filled the audience seats at the Osmonds’ television studio, and Donnie and Marie and family put on a popular, high-energy musical show every week for three years, to the delight of screaming teens and young adults (and, no, I didn’t scream).

And, when you think about it, the Osmonds’ longevity is pretty amazing — more than 50 years in show business, since the early days when the Osmond brothers were regulars on Andy Williams’ TV show.

Donny and Marie still perform and, although ill health has taken its toll on some of their brothers, a few of the siblings are still in the limelight. Jimmy — the youngest — is at the forefront now. And this Sunday, on “Mormon Times TV,” you’ll hear him tell how fame and fortune have always taken a backseat to the gospel of Jesus Christ in his life.

Also on our Sept. 23 show, the Relief Society organization actually saved a woman’s life in Kenya. You’ll hear from the two humanitarians who saw it happen.

We know the temple is a wonderful place for learning, inspiration and peace. But it’s also a place of healing. Psychologist Wendy Ulrich will be along to show us how we can make that work for us in our own lives.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of Twelve recently experienced what he called his most embarrassing day ever. It happened in his hometown of St. George and, on Sunday’s episode of “Mormon Times TV,” you’ll see why he had to be convinced to accept this latest recognition.

Plus, the website goes international, with 20 languages and a number of foreign video portraits online. This week on the show, you’ll find out what the site offers and how to use it. Plus we’ll show you yet another new church website that’s been set up to answer your friends’ questions about the LDS faith.

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