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Jimmy Osmond in concert. Jimmy started an album project that brought in most of the family for a new CD set to release Sept. 18.

Jimmy Osmond intended the newest Osmond CD to be a solo album, but once he started into it, it made more sense to recruit his brothers Merrill and Jay to help create the Osmond sound on a couple of the cuts.

Then Alan and Wayne Osmond wanted in, followed by Donny Osmond, who said he'd like to be part of the music, too.

Followed by the boys was Marie Osmond — she wanted to be included and sings "Breakable" on the album.

What started as a solo project became yet another Osmond album, capping more than 50 years of the family working together and succeeding in an industry where it's difficult to stay together.

"We've made money. We've lost money. We've all had our day," Jimmy Osmond said. "A researcher in England told me we are the longest running group in musical history that's been together without disbanding. I told her, 'You can't disband a family.' Plus, we really like each other."

Osmond said their success comes from having parents who made sure every child got his or her chance to do what they love.

"You can't fake it for this many years," he said. "You're just a part of something cool. It's about people remembering the brand."

The "brand" includes the Osmond Brothers on world tours, Donny & Marie as a duo working a signature show in Las Vegas and Jimmy on his own in Europe and Japan and managing a whole raft of Osmond projects, including the 50th Anniversary show that apparently reignited interest in Osmond magic.

The result of the latest collaboration is a new "family" album that's already selling big in Europe. Owning the No. 2 spot on Tesco store's best-selling list, the play list includes a cover song, "I Need You," written by Gerry Beckley and previously recorded by a number of artists.

The other cuts are original material created by a number of songwriters including Michael Bolton. Two songs were created by the brothers, "Getcha Goin' My Way" and "Remember Me."

"We wanted to have some new music for our fans in Europe," Jimmy Osmond said. "Part of our talent is our ability to adapt and change, show our range."

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The album is being released Sept. 18 in the United States. The three main singers — Jimmy, Jay and Merrill — will be making a personal appearance on Sept. 22 in Utah.

A percentage of the profits from the sale of the new album will go to the Children's Miracle Network charity started by the Osmonds' mother, Olive.

If you go:

What: Jimmy, Merrill and Jay Osmond personal appearance, CD release

Where: Walmart, 745 W. Hill Field Road, Layton, Utah 84041

When: Saturday, Sept. 22, noon-2 p.m.

Website: www.osmond.com

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