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University of Alaska Press
"The Storms of Denali" is by Nicholas O'Connell. He will be at the Black Diamond Retail Store on Sept. 20.

"THE STORMS OF DENALI," by Nicholas O'Connell, University of Alaska Press, $23.95, 295 pages (f)

John Walker has settled down.

He married his sweetheart, has a 4-year-old son and has a good job. But even though he's settled, he's restless. So when his old climbing partner, Wyn Mitchell, now famous worldwide for his climbing feats, seeks him out as a partner for a first ascent climb up Mount Denali, he's anxious to go.

But Wyn's fame is also tainted by accidents resulting in the death of some of his former partners. And his ambition and seeming disregard for knowing when enough is enough has John and their two other climbing partners nervous. His experience also has him maybe too self-assured in making decisions for the whole crew.

Brutal weather conditions, dwindling food supply, frostbite, near mutiny and avalanches make the crew's ascent painful but the decent deadly. Soon John begins to wonder if he will ever see his family again.

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Author Nicholas O'Connell brings readers along for every painful and heart-stopping step of the way up Denali. "Storms of Denalis" is a page-turning adventure leaves readers exhilarated with close calls and hungry for an adventure of their own.

O'Connell's knowledge of climbing makes the story believable and relatable to climbers and hikers. The story he writes makes this tale of survival and risks hard to put down.

This book contains some hard language that may not be appropriate for youth readers.

If you go ...

What: Nick O'Connell book signing

When: Thursday, Sept. 20, 7 p.m.

Where: Black Diamond Retail Store, 2084 S. 3900 East, Salt Lake

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