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A scene from the new Mormon Messages video "Our Eternal Life."

History videos: “Volume 2 of the Histories Series features four church histories written by assignment from Joseph Smith.” So begins Karen Davidson, a historian of the Joseph Smith Papers Project, in introducing the newest volume coming out this month. And there are four different videos newly uploaded from the Joseph Smith Papers Project that focus on different aspects of the history contained therein. Davidson discusses an early church member and historian John Corrill. Nathan Waite focuses on Edward Partridge and some of the familiar stories he wrote about, such as the ransacking of the printing office in Independence. Constance Palmer then introduces all four early church historians: Corrill, Partridge and John Whitmer and William Phelps. And Richard Jensen gives us a glimpse at the conflicts that would become known as the Missouri Mormon War. Fascinating.

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Eternal Life: This new Mormon Messages video is absolutely mesmerizing to watch as line- and computer-generated drawings appear and disappear as the narrator takes us on a journey of learning about the “Our Eternal Life.” It’s a beautiful description of the plan of salvation and would be wonderful to share with both non-members who wonder about the purpose of life and with members needing a refresher (it’d be a great addition to a similar-themed Sunday lesson or family home evening lesson). Lovely.

Kindness project: You can’t help but hear the primary song “Kindness Begins with Me” as you read through this post of the same name. LDS author Elana Johnson is promoting a blog link party celebrating “The Kindness Project" and other bloggers have joined in. Click on the links to find other beautiful musings on and examples of kindness and let’s spread it far and wide.

Mormon Message: Our Eternal Life

This new Mormon Messages video shows the Plan of Salvation.

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