WEST POINT — A California man has been charged with attempted murder in a shooting that occurred at a party earlier this month.

Joshua Carl Henry, 38, of Sun Valley, Calif., was arrested Sept. 1 after the shooting at 412 N. 2000 West in West Point left one man in serious condition. But the name he provided to police was Karl Myles. He gave his age as 26.  

Henry was subsequently charged under his real name with attempted murder, a first-degree felony, transaction of a firearm by a restricted person, a third-degree felony, and false personal information with intent to be another actual person, a class A misdemeanor, in 2nd District Court.

According to a police affidavit, Henry got into an argument with another person at the party and, at one point, a gun was fired in the kitchen of the home. After, witnesses said they observed Henry outside the home waving a handgun. Witnesses reported hearing two additional gunshots before the victim was seen bleeding and holding his upper body, the affidavit states.

Henry fled the home on foot after the shooting, but was later detained. The victim was transported to an area hospital and placed in a medically-induced coma but later regained consciousness and spoke with investigators, police said.

Henry has an arraignment on Sept. 25.  

Emiley Morgan Twitter: DNewsCrimeTeam