SALT LAKE CITY — Granite School District officials say there is no truth to rumors that Olympus and Skyline high schools will merge when construction on the new Olympus High School is completed in spring 2013.

"There's no justification to that rumor whatsoever," Granite spokesman Ben Horsley said. "We're committed to the Skyline community, to the Millcreek community, for generations to come."

Rumors had been circulating that Skyline High School would close to make way for a University of Utah campus extension, and Skyline students would go to the new Olympus High School.

"I haven't really heard (about the rumored merger) from the school district very much," said Darcy DeHart, a junior at Skyline, "but I've basically heard it from my neighbors and my parents."

The notion has gotten enough traction that the Granite School District felt the need to address the subject on its Facebook page.

"There is no truth to this rumor in any shape or form," the post stated. "Skyline High is a proud component of the Granite School District and will continue to serve the Millcreek community for many decades to come.”

Horsley said he's not sure how the rumor started.

"We just get questions on occasion," he said. "We just want to make sure the community does know that we are committed to them and ensure that the students have a great experience right there in their own community."

Horsley backed up the district's commitment to Skyline by discussing ongoing improvement projects at the school, including the $1 million air conditioning system currently being installed at the school.

Flooring throughout the school was replaced over the summer, Horsley said, and renovations have been made to locker rooms and the center courtyard. There are also plans to put in new tennis courts, he said.

"We expect, and our population numbers suggest, we are going to need Skyline and utilize that facility for quite some time," Horsley said.